Getting Over Elo Hell through the Use of Elo Boosting Services

Since the advent of League of Legends, it has taken the world by storm and a major portion of the gamers’ population is addicted to its fast and action-packed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA gaming experience. However, there is one problem known amongst almost all gamers from the League which is effectively ruining its gaming experience. This problem is called elo hell and its root cause is the dreadful combination of the flaws of the League ranking system and the presence of assholes and douchebags on its population.


The League of Legends ranking system is designed to segregate gamers into different divisions. These divisions are ladder-like and the aim of gamers is to climb each subsequent division until they reach the top. This kind of system ideally separates experienced gamers from newbies thereby promoting balanced matches. However, this also means that all low-ranking accounts, who are of relatively little value to their users, are pooled together on a similar cyberspace. Because the majority of the population on the lower ranks of League have relatively not invested a lot of time and effort for their accounts, the sanctions of being reported or banned fails to carry a lot of weight. This therefore results in the lower ranks of League becoming a hostile environment, with a reckless population who can do whatever it pleases without facing relatively grave consequences.

Naturally, an environment such as this becomes the spawning grounds for trolls, afk-ers, and quitters that ruin almost every match they take part of. This necessarily causes a lot of headaches and frustrations for other gamers. The only way to get out of this elo hell is to rise up the higher divisions of League. However, this task becomes increasingly difficult because of the sheer amount of bad games at the lower divisions of rank. Thankfully however, the service of elo boosting exists.

LOL BoosT services offered by independent online entrepreneurs give gamers the option of hiring experienced professionals to raise their accounts to the higher divisions of the League. This means that a gamer does not have to face elo hell by himself any more. An expert will come by his side, log on to his account, and perform all the necessary grinding for him. The gamer cn then just grab a chair, sit back and relax as his boost finishes. He can also use his newly found free time to do other worthwhile activities. In the end, elo boosting services are able to make the lives of gamers a whole lot easier.